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A Buying Guide to Home Photo-Studio Staples

For most photographers, the home studio is the studio. Many of us don’t have our own separate studio or frequent access or the need to work at a professional commercial studio. And regardless if it’s time, accessibility, availability, resources, or even by choice, the truth is that it’s often a lot easier and more convenient to do our “studio photography” at home. Convenience and preference aside, one of the key differentiators of a commercial studio is its purpose-built design, and its array of available tools. Cameras, lights, stands, maybe a backdrop… they’re a given. But what about some of those smaller, easy-to-overlook accessories that commercial studios seem to have in multiples, but aren’t an overly common thing to own at home? This article covers some of the staples that might make your home studio environment that much easier and more efficient.

Clamps, specifically spring clamps or A-clamps, are one of those indispensable, do-all tools that don’t have a specific function but can handle a million general functions. Anything from holding up a backdrop or some seamless paper to holding a subject in place while photographing, clamps are the duct tape of the studio.

Wimberley The Plamp II
Wimberley The Plamp II

Gaffer tape is duct tape for the studio. Or, more accurately, gaffer tape does everything duct tape can do, but doesn’t leave the annoying sticky residue when it’s removed. If you’re taping up more sensitive items in a studio, or just things that have an appearance you care about, then gaffer tape is the way to go. Between clamps and gaffer tape, you should be able to hold up anything you need in your at-home studio.

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